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Meja (born Anna Pernilla Beckman, Nynäshamn, Stockholm County, 12 February 1969), is a Swedish composer and singer. Among her best known songs are «I’m Missing You»,»All ‘Bout the Money» and «Private Emotion» (duet with Ricky Martin). She also gained popularity after her single «How Crazy are You?» was used as the main theme music for the Xbox video game Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.
Prior to her solo career, Meja sang leads on several singles for the early 1990s dance group Legacy of Sound, including the top 10 hit Happy.



Holy Groove (Legacy of Sound) (1993)
Tour de Force (Legacy of Sound) (1994)
Meja (1996)
Live in Japan-The Flower Girl Jam (1997)
Seven Sisters (1998)
Realitales (2000)
My Best (2002)
Mellow (2004)
The Nu Essential (2005)
Urban Gypsy (2009)

Happy (Legacy of Sound) (1993)
I can’t let you go (Legacy of Sound) (1993)
Feels so good (Legacy of Sound) (1993)
Livin’n Learnin’ (Legacy of Sound) (1993)
I’m Missing You (1996)
How Crazy Are You? (1996)
Welcome to the Fanclub of Love (1996)
I Wanna Make Love (1996)
Rainbow (1996)
Pop & Television (1998)
All ‘Bout the Money (1998)
Lay Me Down (1998)
Beautiful Girl (1998)
Radio Radio (1998)
Intimacy (1999)
Private Emotion - duet with Ricky Martin (2000)
Spirits (2000)
Hippies in the 60’s (2000)
I’m here Saying Nothing (2001)
Wake Up Call (2004)
Life is a River (2004)
At the Rainbows End (2009)
Regrets (I Have None) (2009)


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