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Steen Thottrup

Steen Thottrup has been part of the club scene for 18 years, being one of the first artist to release a true underground single in Denmark on Kenneth Bagers label Coma Records, back in 91. Shortly after he moved to London to pursue a more international career as artist/producer for electronic music. He stayed in London for ten years until 2001 and released a numerous amount of singles on different high profile labels, such as Effective, Hooj Choons, New State, Southern Fried, Blanco Negro, Milk & Sugar and more. the result of these releases was, to mention a few, Tune of the week/Pete Tongs radio show, 12 on the official UK Top 40 and his tracks has been played by most big name Dj’s world wide over the years. In 2008 he was asked to do a Steen Thottrup chillout remix of the legendary track ‘Infinity - Guru Josh’, which by now (early 2009), has earned him a Silver Disc from the U.K (more than 250,000 sold) and a Diamont Impala Award for recognised sales of more than 250,000 sold in Europe. So the future looks very good for Steen Thottrup here in 2009, with album and single releases coming up.

Present project are; Steen Thottrup, Miro, Souzz, Professional Losers, Twotrups,& Conamore. With upcoming releases such as: Steen Thottrup -Sunset People (Album) on (Ibizarre Rec), Miro-By Your Side ‘09 (Full Blown) Twotrups-The Cello Track (Yoshitoshi).


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